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Our day was a very special one which we both enjoyed very much. It was made even more special with the use of your car and the very friendly Chauffeur. Thank you so much for making our day such a special one. Name supplied Bedfordshire


Prestige Chauffeurs Ltd has been a member of the National Association for over 12 years. We have worked closely with them on numerous trade issues, both locally in the Bury Metro area and nationally. As one of hundreds of NPHA member companies in the UK, Prestige has demonstrated total professionalism at all times – it is the only company we use when we need personal transport in the area: for example, to Manchester Airport. In recent years Prestige has greatly enlarged both the scope and size of its business, and can now truly be described as national and international by way of its website having attracted clientele from all over the country, and indeed the world. As everyone knows, word of mouth is the best form of advertising – and we have never heard anything but praise for Prestige Chauffeurs.


Georgia-Pacific GB Limited has for the past 13 years, engaged the services of Prestige Chauffeurs to provide an array of work, including servicing senior management conferences and CEO corporate visits. In many of the instances, I have been the primary client contact with the team at Prestige Chauffeurs. I have no hesitation in recommending Prestige Chauffeurs to any organization seeking to procure a first-class service. Prestige Chauffeurs’ approach generates thoughtful variants even within what might appear a narrow brief. Both the quality of work, and reliability of service, is consistently impressive. The team from Prestige Chauffeurs is thoroughly professional and diligent in the service that it provides, yet understanding and accommodating of, the changing needs of Clients Company, even when a need presents to work within short deadlines

A big thank you for your invaluable help and support on our wedding day. We were certainly impressed with the diversity of your company and have no hesitation in recommending your brilliant, professional yet lovely services in the future.
Alison Jim
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t was such a difference today!!
The Chauffeur was 5 minutes before the agreed time (and not 30 minutes later saying that he slept longer and forgot)
He had a signboard with the word Printpack on (the other company never use it)
He left the car and came to the reception (never happened with the other company they were just sitting in the car)
He helped me with the luggage (never happened before)
He was fresh shaved and in clean shirt and suit
He was driving smoothly, relaxing and respecting the rules
He was a gentleman you can have a good conversation with – and who uses nice, literary style English
All in all – very positive experience!

It was exactly how it SHOULD be.
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The reason we choose to use Prestige Chauffeurs even for operations based solely in London is they have an established reputation for reliability, trustworthiness and courtesy and their level of service is unrivalled in their sector. We have employed the services of Prestige Chauffeurs Limited for the past 10 years and during this period they have provided an invaluable service to our company
I have used their brilliant service for several years. I travel a lot on business in my role as Asset Manager for a large investment company. Prestige have provided me with an unrivalled service.

Chairman Manchester and London