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26 May 2015

Chrysler Grand Voyager

Introducing The Chrysler Grand Voyager: an ideal alternative to using the rail network for group transport up to 6 passengers

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25 Apr 2012

Chauffeur takes on the might of the UK insurance industry after refused claim

Chis Hargreaves should be an insurer’s dream. Over the years, despite painstakingly building a business as a chauffeur, he has paid regular premiums for private medical insurance and cover against possible long-term illness. The premiums he has paid to some of the country’s strongest insurance brands add up to tens of thousands of pounds.

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Chris Hargreaves | Prestige Chauffeurs
11 Aug 2001

Prestige Chauffeurs of Bury still in business

THE closure of a Radcliffe-based taxi operator is driving a Ramsbottom private hire firm round the bend. Prestige Travel, which operated from premises on Seddons Farm, closed its business a few weeks ago. Mr Chris Hargreaves, managing director at the Ramsbottom firm, explained: “We have been inundated with phone calls from angry customers who have […]

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Prestige Chauffeurs Limited
10 Jul 1999

Carry on, driver

CHAUFFEUR company which faced being driven off the road by council rules has won the right to drive in style. Prestige Chauffeurs near Ramsbottom were warned by major local companies that they would go elsewhere if the firm was forced to have big legal signs plastered on its car doors.

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