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22 Sep 2012

Chauffeur appears on BBC consumer programme, Rip Off Britain

Protection insurance debate featured on consumer proagramme

Chris Hargreaves | Rip Off Britain

Campaign by founder of Prestige Chauffeurs featured on consumer TV show, Rip Off Britain


Prestige Chauffeurs, Chris Hargreaves campaign to highlight the dangers of the wrong type of protection insurance was featured yesterday, 21 September 2012, on the consumer programme, Rip Off Britain.

Chris, along with his parents Bill and Jenny spent a whole day being filmed and interviewed prior to the broadcast. The show highlighted how Chris had fought not only to get a payout, but to ensure all chauffeurs, drivers or employees with a physical element to their job could be covered by an ‘own occupation’ definition.

Own occupation covers you in the event you cannot do your own job through accident or illness, whilst other definitions such as ADL’s set policyholders a number of set tasks. Even though Chris was bedbound in hospital for three months this policy deemed he was well enough to work.




Updated January 2015
The programme was aired a total of 4 times on the BBC, including an evening slot of 19:30hrs. Following Aviva’s decision to sell only ‘own occupation’ definition based protection policies all other insurers followed suit.