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Originally this service was started after a client became ill and wanted to be driven in his own car so he was able to continue to operate his business and attend appointments.

From that first request in 1998, Prestige Chauffeurs Limited has grown this service over the years, working with large corporations and insurance companies to help keep their employees and policyholders moving when injury or illness strikes.

But you don’t have to be ill or suffering an illness to use this service. Depending on your requirements the service can be very cost effective and time efficient. For example, you could be driven from Manchester to London and back in your own vehicle for less than the cost of a flexible open first class train ticket.

Whilst relaxing in the comfort of your own vehicle you can conduct conference calls in privacy and be driven door-to-door, rather than having to queue at taxi ranks. With no time restrictions on when you setoff or return you won’t have to leave a meeting or function early because you will miss the last train.

If the vehicle we are requested to drive is a company car, or you claim back mileage, the cost of our service can result in you claiming back more than the cost of our service. When compared to a flexible open first class ticket, even with fuel and the chauffeur, our service
You may even choose to use the train but wish to be picked up a midnight and returned home. With Prestige Chauffeurs we can arrange to collect your vehicle from home or work and drive down to collect you and return you home or to the office.

Other services we have offered include collecting high value vehicles and delivering them to airports across Europe. You decide you don’t want to hire a vehicle at your chosen destination, or have the hassle of checking-in baggage or the long wait to collect it at the other end. You can hire Prestige Chauffeurs to collect your vehicle and luggage where you can collect it from your chosen airport or hotel.

You arrive with the spare keys and collect your vehicle from a prearranged point and return it once your trip is over. You also have the option to be driven by one of our fully uniformed chauffeurs in your own vehicle if you wish.

This service has seen our chauffeurs travel to Ireland, France and Spain to assist clients and their families.

Finally, we also offer a DYH Service (Drive You Home) but this service is only available on request and has to be pre-booked in advance.

Ideal for:

  • Sickness and injury
  • Corporate travel
  • Weddings and special occasions
  • Long distance
  • City breaks
  • Vehicle delivery
  • Drive You Home Service