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Today, 10 December 2021, Prestige Chauffeurs celebrates 25 years in business, a milestone we are very proud of. Over the past twenty five years we have seen one of the worst recessions, ash clouds and Covid-19 to name a few. Whilst with all businesses, their are good times and bad, but in March last year, when Prime Minister, Boris Johnson put the UK into lockdown it had devistating conquences for so many.

Chaos for airports, airlines, hospitality and businesses across the UK. Far worse, was the tragic loss of so many loved ones who succumbed to Covid-19 throughout the pandemic. It is difficult to “celebrate” in these difficult times, but we are proud that we are still in business, however, as like so many businesses we have been severely affected by the lockdowns.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their support, not only over the past twenty five years, but also during these difficult times. As we look to recover, it is clear that Prestige Chauffeurs will continue to operate, but in a different way moving forward.

Bill Hargreaves, Marketing Director for Prestige Chauffeurs said: “The past year has been one of the toughest for our business and trade over the past twenty five years. Jenny, Chris and I cannot thank our clients enough for their help and support over this difficult period.”

“We do look forward to the next twenty five years serving our clients across the UK and beyond. It has been an honour to have worked with and for so many different families and businesses over the years. The friendships and business relationships we have built over this period mean the world to us, as do the thousands of recommendations by clients to their friends and business acquaintances”.

Clients can still expect the highest of standards, and we will continue to promote safe Covid-19 protocols to protect our clients and chauffeurs. A number of our chauffeurs have taken this pandemic to retire, so will be downsizing slightly to adjust whilst stability is returned to the UK.

We are very proud that after two and a half decades, Prestige Chauffeurs still serves the same private clients and businesses as did when we first started our journey into the world of chauffeuring.

It is amazing to think we have watched children grow up over the years, even providing wedding cars for their special day. The time has flown by, but as they say when you love what you do, it will.

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