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Over the years we have be victims of other companies setting up in the UK with a similar incorporated or identical trading name to Prestige Chauffeurs. Originality is not their forte sadly, and these actions have led to a worrying rise in confusion.

A collections agency chased us relentlessly for a debt from a Birmingham based chauffeur company that had failed to pay a contractor. Due to this company copying our name, it took a number of months to finally prove to the debt collection agency that the company in question was based in Birmingham.

We have also received booking cancellations for companies that are using a name similar to ours. Due to being the first Prestige Chauffeurs in the UK and with over 25 years in business, when things go wrong it is us that people turn to.

Over the years a number of those companies copying us have ceased trading, but a number still exist. As the original Prestige Chauffeurs, clients, suppliers and media should be aware that we are the only Prestige Chauffeurs with a registered trademark.

Whilst we make every effort to take action where appropriate, we can confirm that we are not associated to any company with a similar name.

Often copied, never equalled. Prestige Chauffeurs registered trade mark

If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 797 6665

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