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    Prestige Chauffeurs adds first Hybrid to fleet

    As a commitment to embracing cleaner technology, Prestige Chauffeurs has just invested in its first hybrid vehicle, a Volvo V90 B4. Whilst the car market remains in a difficult place, sadly fully electric vehicles are still not a realistic option for our industry outside of London, especially due to low range and poor infrastructure for charging points across the UK. […]

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    Important Update

    We have been made aware that a company using the Prestige Chauffeurs name. Again, we would like to warn clients, partners and suppliers that this company is NOT connected in to us in anyway. Whilst we won’t be commenting further on this issue, Prestige Chauffeurs are aware of this company and an individual associated with it. Prestige Chauffeurs Limited can […]

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    Prestige Chauffeurs celebrates 25 years in business

    Today, 10 December 2021, Prestige Chauffeurs celebrates 25 years in business, a milestone we are very proud of. Over the past twenty five years we have seen one of the worst recessions, ash clouds and Covid-19 to name a few. Whilst with all businesses, their are good times and bad, but in March last year, when Prime Minister, Boris Johnson […]

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    Becoming a chauffeur. Your guide through the process

    Before you can chauffeur clients you have to obtain all the correct licenses. Legislation means chauffeurs are treated in law as private hire drivers, with the licensing and enforcement left to councils across the UK, or Transport for London in the capital. Each local council have their own set of rules based on national legislation,. There are basic legal requirements […]

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    How the idea for Prestige Chauffeurs started – Part 2

    Its been a few months since we published the first part of how the idea for Prestige Chauffeurs started. We left off at at picking a company name, something I thought would be easy. I started off with the usual, my surname to the town we lived in, but nothing quite felt right. The name came about when I was […]

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    Volvo V90 Review

    Since our inception we had always chosen executive saloons for our fleet, starting with the Rover 800, before moving to the Volvo S80 in 2001. The decision to add an estate car to the fleet this year, March 2017 came by accident. Volvo had recently stopped production of the S80, a trusted workhorse for our fleet, with each of our […]

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