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Since our inception we had always chosen executive saloons for our fleet, starting with the Rover 800, before moving to the Volvo S80 in 2001. The decision to add an estate car to the fleet this year, March 2017 came by accident.

Volvo had recently stopped production of the S80, a trusted workhorse for our fleet, with each of our vehicles covering in excess of 200,000 miles whilst on fleet. The new flagship, the S90 was an ideal replacement and one that significantly updated the S80, along with adding a more luxurious and executive approach.

However, as with all new car models demand meant a nine to twelve month wait for delivery, a timeframe that did not suit our requirements. The local Volvo dealer showed us the V90, the estate car version of the S90 as an alternative and the added bonus of a three month wait. Hesitant, as we had never operated an estate car before we took the leap in the hope that the vehicles’ added practicality will benefit both our clients and ourselves.


The V90 was also offered with a generous support package for the chauffeur industry, with an extended warranty and a number of exclusive extras including a 3 pin plug, tinted windows and sunblind’s in the rear.

We were one of the first to obtain the V90 in Manchester and it was a common situation that people would stop and ask to look at the vehicle. The V90 is our flagship estate car, continuing to provide an executive vehicle with the added benefit of practicality. As you will see above, the interior is a place to relax in luxury and comfort.

The rear legroom is a class leader, even for the tallest person and with the front passenger seat moved forward the passenger can fully stretch out in comfort. The added benefit of the rear plug is ideal for charging electronic devices, especially laptops on the move, enabling clients to continue to work connected if required to the onboard vehicle Wi-Fi.

We are sure clients will benefit from our new V90 and for more information or to ask for a no obligation quotation, please contact us on 0161 797 6665.


Updated March 2018.

It has been a year now running our new V90 estate on our fleet. The vehicle which benefits for more space in the rear than the Mercedes E Cass, saloon or estate versions has gone down very well with clients. The benefit of the estate version has been very beneficial to our business as we are now able to take extra luggage when taking clients to the airport or cruise terminals.

The ride is fantastic, a smooth shift through the automatic box and the 2.0L D4 engine never feels under stress, even when fully loaded. Clients have even gone out and bought a Volvo after experiencing the luxury vehicle themselves whilst being chauffeur-driven. We have covered just over 1000 miles a week so far and apart from a few minor issues, a new gear selector and a bearing needing replacing, the V90 has been ultra reliable.

The vehicle has been a good choice, even better for opting for the estate version, so much so we would consider adding another estate vehicle and we have received nothing but positive feedback from clients.


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